Friends For Life: Celebrating Strong Women For A Good Cause


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – May is the month of change for Habitat for Humanity across the nation,for what is called the Women’s Build.

Organizers say Women’s Build allows women to feel empowered and independent; grabbing their hard hats and hammers to build a home for a well deserving family.

“The women’s build is a focus through Lowes and Habitat for Humanity to allow women to go out to a habitat site, and really immerse themselves in the experience of working hands on,” Committee Chairperson Stephanie Milosavlevski with the Women’s Build says.

6 News anchor Sheri Jones is anchoring the Women’s Build, and after reaching out to strong women who are leaders in the Lansing community, 100 women are ready to put their passion into action to change a family’s life right here in Lansing.

“Each woman that takes part in this build donates a hundred dollars to Habitat for Humanity, Lansing so if you times that by 100 that’s $10,000,” Jones says. “That goes to materials, and it stays right here in the community.”

Dena Vatalaro is the Community Relations Manager for the Women’s Build and says, “we’ve recruited business women from all around the community to come out and actually raise the walls.”

“It’s definitely an opportunity for women throughout the area that maybe have an interest in building, and interest in really giving back to the community,” Jones says.

The project is expected to be complete by October of this year and will suit the needs of the family moving in.

“These homes are thoughtfully designed, they’re designed to incorporate the needs of the family that’s moving into it so it’ll be accommodating and comfortable,” Milosavlevski says. “Certainly will be safe and healthy and that’s what we’re really looking for, is to give a homeowner a space that they just don’t have right now.”

While the walls go up, and are hammered into place one family’s life will change forever.

“Just knowing that this hammers going to help build a home for a very well deserving family in this community really warms my heart,” Jones says.

If you would like to learn more whether it’s participating in a build or seeing if you’re eligible for a home you can contact the Habitat for Humanity, Lansing at 517-274-6235.

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