From Wreck to Brave: Dog doing well despite burns


***DISCLAIMER: Video of dog’s injuries is graphic***

A puppy found in Flint with severe burns is now getting all the love and attention he deserves.

“He’s doing amazing,” Denise Rose, President of New Hope Pet Rescue said. “He’s loving, he’s playful, he’s just a typical puppy.”

And he’s living up to his new name. Because of how severe his injuries were, the puppy was initially named Wreck. But New Hope Pet Rescue, and his foster mom, changed it to something more fitting: Brave.

At first, New Hope Pet Rescue believed his injuries were road rash from being hit by a car. But soon, they found out the cause of his gruesome injuries might be something much more sinister.

“We got him into the vet, at that time we realized it wasn’t road rash, that it was actually an acid burn or a burn of some type,” Rose said.

Since Brave was a stray, there’s no information about a possible owner, making it more difficult for police to figure out what happened. Rose says New Hope will work with police to find out.

But one question haunts everyone involved in saving him: Why?

“Every time we see something like this, when we have a neglect or abuse case, we’re always asking why. As a rescuer, we really don’t understand how somebody could do that,” Rose said.

Rose says it could be some time before Brave is ready to go to his forever home, and they want to make sure they find the right home. But she says there are lessons humans can learn from him.

“He can teach us all how to forgive and forget. He trusts people, and he really shouldn’t. I mean, he should hate and not trust anybody that he meets. But he’s a loving, sweet puppy,” she said. “We all have a lot to learn from him.”


New Hope Pet Rescue

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