LANSING, Mich (WLNS) — It is usually all fun and games when talking about local festivals, but this summer one of the largest events in the area is warning people about a scam.

Organizers of the annual Charlotte Frontier Days said a person on Facebook was accepting money from vendors on their behalf. “I wanted to pay right then and get my spot to be able to make more money for my family.” Kylie Morgan, owner of Mommas Gone Candy told 6 News. She is looking to sell her freeze-dried candy next month at Frontier Days.

While trying to reserve her spot as a vendor she noticed someone had posted onto the official Frontier Days Facebook page asking for vendors to contact them. “About three days ago I saw the post and they were asking for vendors for their craft show,” Morgan said. “They said they only had three spots left and you had to pay now.”

Morgan says she had her doubts but when she asked questions they knew all the answers, “They had all the right dates and times. They actually sent me an application that looked just like the other one so it was very convincing.”

Morgan said she sent them $120 through PayPal. But after feeling something was not right she started digging and noticed the poster’s Facebook page seemed fake. When she asked for her money back she said she was blocked and has not heard from them since. “It’s very sad that people go above and beyond to scam people and actually make fake applications,” Morgan added.

After being told about the scam, Frontier Days officials reported the profile and made a post, warning people about the scam. Several people commented writing the scammer also contacted them, but thankfully no other people sent them money.