EATON RAPIDS, Mich. (WLNS) — After more than 6-hours, a manhunt in Eaton County is over tonight and the suspect is behind bars.

Dustin Long had several warrants out for his arrest but ran off when deputies tried to take him in.

“Probably 4 or 5 years ago, to my understanding, the issue could have been taken care of,” says former Eaton County Board of Commissioners chairman Jeremy Whittum.

Deputies from Eaton County say they received an anonymous call about 8 this morning saying that Long was inside a home nearby. The caller knew Long. As deputies attempted to arrest the shirtless man — he took off.

Whittum says this is not Long’s first run in with the law.

“Unfortunately, there were some issues, and those issues should have been taken care of when they were smaller and now it’s been elevated to a search, a pretty big search for Eaton County,” Whittum said. 

Multiple agencies including State Troopers, Eaton Rapids PD, K-9 units and even a police helicopter were called in to help find him. Shortly before 2 p.m. Long was found by an MSP K-9. He was hiding under a log in a wooded area on Holmes street.   

Whittum said he feels this hunt could have been avoided.

“I know Dustin. I know his folks; I know his grandparents. He comes from a relatively decent family, a good family. The family has been around the area for years. But with issues like this with Dustin. It should have been taken care of years ago when it was smaller, and we wouldn’t be in this situation now.”

Long was wanted for misdemeanors from 2017. A stalking charge and driving with a suspended license.