EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – East Lansing Police are investigating a violent attack that happened just outside Crunchy’s restaurant.

East Lansing Police arrived at the call of a man lying in a pool of blood next to valley court park.

On Friday, September 2, Manuel Macias says he was enjoying his night standing outside of Crunchy’s restaurant in East Lansing chatting with a group of people.

“And the next thing that I honestly remember is just kind of getting hit from the back of the head,” said Macias.

He says that one strike led to several.

Restaurant workers recalled what they saw in the surveillance footage of the incident

“Just out of nowhere punched him in the side of the head, and just kept hitting him, and hitting him, and hitting him. Hit him about 11 to 12 times. Manny tried to reach up to try to stop him from hitting him, and the guy threw him on the ground and bent over, spit on him, and walked off,” said Crunchy’s owner Michael Krueger.

East Lansing police took Manny to Sparrow hospital where he was treated for multiple injuries. Manny didn’t want to go on camera due to his facial injuries that make it hard for him to speak.

“I do have a couple of ribs that are slightly cracked. My jaw was broken in three different places, some from the attack some from falling down after being hit, so unfortunately I will have my jaw wired for the next six months,” said Macias.

East Lansing police say they have seen footage of the attack and are currently investigating possible witnesses and suspects.

“They are going to review that and see if they can come up with any photo recognition. See if there are any other witnesses out there that may have additional information that might help us,” said Chad Pride, ELPD captain.

Manny says he’s concerned the violence in East Lansing is on the rise and hopes this won’t happen to anyone else

“Unfortunately East Lansing is kind of getting a little bit of a reputation for more violent outbursts not that we just find the person, but kind of deter people thinking they can get away with stuff like this, and just hurting innocent people that are just out having fun.”

Surveillance footage depicts the group of people that Manny was seen conversing with, if you recognize anyone in the video please contact East Lansing Police at 517-351-4220.