WASHINGTON D.C. (WLNS) – A bipartisan bill introduced today by Senators Gary Peters and Jerry Moran of Kansas looks to better understand the health and environmental effects of PFAS.

The proposed legislation would have government agencies that are already researching the chemical team up to share their collected data.

The State of Michigan has collected data on more than 200 PFAS contamination sites throughout the state.

Peters says even though Michigan has been tracking the so-called “forever chemicals” the longest, additional data can lead to better clean-up solutions.

“You know as we are spending money and cleaning up these sites and holding people accountable for contaminating sites that we are basing all of our response … on good science and effective studies. We know this is a complicated subject that covers a lot of different areas,” said Peters.

Peters says a public hearing will be held in Lansing that will feature state and local government officials researching the chemical’s effects.