Gas prices jump before holidays


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – If you’re looking to fill up your car before you head out for the holiday travel season be ready to pay more at the pump.

Gas prices are seeing their largest December rise in six years.

OPEC announced oil production cuts in late November which is a major factor in why gas is rising across the state and nationally.

Last year at this time Michigan drivers were seeing prices per gallon below two dollars.

Because of the production cuts in oil the price per barrel went up, increasing gas prices in 41 states nationwide.

The winter blend tends to be cheaper but with this increase and upcoming tax increases on gas in some states, including Michigan, drivers will be be pumping more money for weeks to come.

“Be ready the end of the year is not looking very good and of course that’s when Michigan’s gas tax jumps by seven cents a gallon,” says Gas Buddy’s Patrick DeHaan. “That’s likely to push gas prices even higher perhaps the first or second week into January.”

DeHaan says the 7 cent gas tax increase for Michigan drivers may take a few days to kick in once the new year starts but that tax will help the state in paying to fix roads.

The good news is DeHaan says there is a chance to see prices below 2 dollars again in late January going into February as gas stations try to get rid of all their winter blend gas.

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