DEARBORN, Mich. – With rising gas prices, Americans are warming up to electric vehicles.

A national survey by AAA shows that a quarter of consumers plan to go electric for their next vehicle purchase.

The most common factor? To save on fuel costs.

“Consumers who are fed up with the wild price swings at the pump, may be more willing than ever to make the switch to an electric vehicle,” said AAA spokesperson Adrienne Woodland. “Record-high gas prices have brought the cost of owning an EV more in line with a standard gasoline-powered vehicle. Although it may cost more money up front, EVs cost less to charge, maintain, and are more efficient.”

Electric vehicle sales are steadily rising in the U.S. In 2021, nearly 450,000 electric vehicles were sold, an 88% increase from 2020.

Despite the market share growth, electric vehicles still account for less than 1% of cars and trucks in operation today. Some auto industry analysts predict that number could rise to as high as 15% by 2030.

The AAA survey also indicated that some are hesitant about electric vehicles due to concerns of range, purchase price and availability of public charging options.