GENESSEE Co., Mich. (WLNS) – A lucky Genessee County woman is now a millionaire.

The anonymous 54-year-old woman took a friend’s advice and played the Michigan Lottery’s Ultimate Millions instant game.

“My husband and I stopped to get gas and went into the gas station to pay,” said the player. “While we were in line, someone in the store came up to us and said: ‘You should purchase a $30 Lottery ticket, I bet you will win $4 million.’ We thought about it for a moment and then decided to purchase an Ultimate Millions ticket. “We scratched the ticket when we got in the car and were in shock when we saw we’d won $4 million. We thought we were missing something and that there was no way we had actually won. We decided to put the ticket away and look it over again when we got home to confirm what we were seeing.”

Anonymous winner

The winner chose to receive her prize in a $2.5 million lump sump rather than 30 annuity payments. She says she plans to pay bills and save the rest.

Players have won more than $128 million playing Ultimate Millions since 2020 and over $1.8 billion from instant games in 2021.