LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The City of Lansing is recognizing 7-year-old Amaia Edmond. She was shot and killed 11 years ago during a home invasion.

After her death, her family decided to donate her organs to save other lives.

Today Mayor Andy Schor declared May 31 as Amaia Alyssa Edmond Gift of Life Day.

“So I’m just extremely proud that she’s my daughter and her legacy continues on,” said John Edmond, Amaia’s father.

After Amaia Edmonds was killed in 2010, the 7-year-old’s liver, heart, kidney and lungs were donated and saved 3 adults and 2 other children.

“Those individuals have families. So the number is just astronomical,” Edmond said.
Mike Lopez was sick and extremely weak. That all changed when he was gifted Amaia’s liver.

“I couldn’t even have the strength to open a water bottle. That how sick I was. When I got that phone call. I just froze, it was unbelievable,” said Lopez.

Now every time john Edmond sees one of his daughter’s organ recipients:

“Her memory is what flashes through my mind, not only her memory but the individuals are still living. They got a chance at life and to me, that’s really important,” said Edmond.

Several other families whose loved ones donated organs were also recognized at today’s ceremony.

“Just last week I got a phone call from the Gift of Life again, and through his tissue, Marcus was able to help 25 other people,” said Amanda Burton Henton.

Today Amaia’s legacy lives on in the City of Lansing as a holiday.

“It just means that her legacy is still here, she’s still important to us, just like anyone else’s children,” said Edmond.