LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan’s electric vehicle transformation continues amidst rising material costs and gas prices.

GM and Consumers Energy are both positive about the outlook for EV sales in the coming years and have some ambitious predictions.

Electric vehicles continue to occupy the minds of car companies and energy companies alike, but many individuals are hesitant to make the switch to an EV.

According to Consumers, the number of EVs in their territory has risen by 18%, and they say it won’t stop there.

“Comparatively speaking EVs are a small number of cars on the road today, but that will change very quickly, Consumers Energy is projecting that we’re going to be powering about a million vehicles in the communities we serve alone by 2030,” said Consumers spokesperson Brian Wheeler.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra is sticking true to her pledge that in as little as two years, the company will sell more electric vehicles in the U.S. Than Tesla, despite facing spiking inflation, interest rates, material costs, and lack of computer chips.

“Our EV rollout plan represents the broadest EV portfolio of any automaker and fully establishes our path toward EV leadership,” Barra said.

Consumers will provide incentive programs where it covers the costs to put chargers in garages, businesses, and other public locations.

Specifically, in Michigan, Consumers wants to let people know that making the switch is convenient, and affordable, and that infrastructure is available.

“The charging network is in place today, people have the power they need to really fuel the next generation of vehicles here in our state,” Wheeler said.