GMC Acadia production to move to Tennessee


DETROIT, MI (WLNS) – General Motors unveiled a redesign of the GMC Acadia at the auto show in Detroit, but the locally built vehicle won’t be local much longer.

Production of the new, smaller Acadia will be moving from the Delta Plant to Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Justin Kree has been tracking down the details all day. He’s here for you from the auto show in Detroit where the move was announced.

The relationship between GMC Acadia and Lansing is no more. It’s moving down to Spring Hill, Tennessee later this year.

But both GM and Governor Snyder are still optimistic about Michigan’s capital region.

GMC video: “Aha, this is the Acadia.”

Announcer: “It will be built at our Spring Hill manufacturing facility just outside of Nashville in Tennessee.”

“We’ve got some great plants and you know, we’re looking to align architectures and footprint, umm, with great workforces and between Lansing and Spring Hill, those are, those are two great places. We’ve built lots of things between those two plants so we’ve got some great flexibility between the two,” said Mark Reuss, executive vice president of product management, General Motors.

Reporter: “Now with the vacancy now in Delta in Lansing, is something else going to moving in there?”

“Lansing will be full. Umm the goal of this company and manufacturing these products efficiently and offer the most value to our customers is to make sure those plants and those facilities are full,” said Reuss.

Reporter: “The Acadia’s being moved out of Lansing, GMC just announced it today that they are moving it down to Tennessee. What’s your thoughts on, on manufacturing jobs leaving the state?”

“Well again, I think that’s part of, part of the normal progress of General Motors continuing to do well that they see an opportunity down there. What I would hope is, is they’ve had great success in Lansing. Umm again, they have to make their own proprietary decisions. But I hope they see a great workforce that’s been successful for so many years. They’re showing a big commitment with the Camaro, um so I still hope there’s a bright future in Lansing,” said Governor Rick Snyder.

Now GM told 6 News the governor of Tennessee was in Detroit Tuesday morning for the unveiling of the Acadia.

6 News is here for you at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Stay with us for the very latest.

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