LANSING, MI (WLNS) – A study conducted by two MSU professors shows just how common food deserts are in Lansing.

The Good Food Fund is working to shrink these food deserts while boosting local business.

“Our intention with the Michigan Good Food Fund is to create and expand businesses to make more healthy food available to those who need it in our state,” said Oran Hesterman, CEO, Fair Food Network.

The program provides loans and grants with public and private funds to small businesses that sell fresh, Michigan-made food.

One store that has applied for the program is the Old Town General Store in Lansing.

“We have anything from clothing like t-shirts and wearables to fresh produce jams jellies buckwheat flower,” said Rhea VanAtta, shop owner, Old Town General Store.

The majority of the items here at the Old Town General Store are made in Michigan so helping this store also helps the Michigan economy.”

“This will help the Michigan economy because a huge part of the Michigan economy is agriculture we’re the second most diverse agriculture in the country there’s a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to create businesses to create jobs,” said Oran Hesterman.

More jobs, better food and fewer food deserts.