LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Republican state House of Representatives candidate Gina Johnsen claimed Proposal 3 would legalize pedophilia during a Christian voter rally Thursday night outside of the state capitol.

More than a hundred people gathered for a “Christian Engagement Rally” designed to encourage Christians to show-up to the polls this November. One of the speakers at the rally was Johnsen, who is running for to represent District 78.

She told 6 News that Proposal 3 would not just enshrine reproductive health in Michigan’s state constitution but also legalize anything that has to do with reproduction, which she claimed includes pedophilia.

“This ballot proposal. If we do not defeat it, it puts pedophilia as legal,” she said.

“Do you know exact sections that would leave it open for pedophilia?” asked 6 News reporter Josh Sanchez.

“‘Minor attraction’ is the new term that’s used,” said Johnsen.

“Is it used in the petition itself, specifically?” Sanchez asked.

“It not in those words, it, it is implied. Not used in those words,” replied Johnsen.

Following that exchange, Johnsen reiterated her claim to the crowd that Proposal 3 would legalize pedophilia. Several legal experts said the claim is false.

“That’s a bizarre and offensive claim and it is incorrect. It has zero basis in the language of the proposal,” said Leah Litman, a law professor at the University of Michigan.

“I second the statement of Prof. Leah Litman. The statement is a complete concoction with no basis of any kind in the language of the proposal,” said Michigan State University law professor Mae Kuykendall.