EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Representative Elissa Slotkin greeted hundreds of voters in East Lansing along with Republican representative from the state of Wyoming Liz Cheney.

The daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney reached across party lines to recently endorse Slotkin.

While the move is unheard of, both members of congress said it’s a decision with a message to put country over party.

“We’re in a moment where people can’t be voting on straight party lines. They really need to look at the candidates. And we need people who are serious to be elected,” Cheney said.

Cheney has stood out from her Republican colleagues by voicing her concerns about the direction of the party.

Slotkin said she was honored to get backing from her fellow armed service committee member.

“While we don’t always agree on policy issues. We agree on one really really big thing and that’s preserving our democracy,” said Slotkin.

Slotkin’s challenger, GOP State Senator Tom Barret is also being supported by a Wyoming Republican candidate – Harriet Hageman, who beat Cheney in the August primary. He pushed back on Cheney’s endorsement.

“Elissa Slotkin and Liz Cheney prove that the political establishment has an unquenchable thirst for military engagement abroad,” said Barrett.

While the endorsement crosses party lines at a time of change for the GOP, the chairwoman of the National Republican Party said the party is strong and is attracting new voters.

“Everybody is consolidating, uniting, around the deep concern for our country right now and independents are coming to the party and Democrats are coming because they don’t want this high inflation or the high gas prices,” claimed chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Director of debate at the University of Michigan, Aaron Kall, said Cheney’s endorsement sheds light on the challenges facing GOP strategy.

“The republican party kind of coalesces. They obviously want to win back control of the house and the senate. In other places, there’s a divide kind of internally and ideologically amongst the party,” Kall said.

Kall said this is an example of how close this race is by highlighting the importance of elections in swing districts are for both parties.