GOP U.S Senate candidates Pensler and James debate on TV


Detroit businessman and military veteran John James debated Grosse Pointe businessman and economist Sandy Pensler Friday morning. It was the first face-to-face television debate for the two republican candidates hoping to run against U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow this November.

The beginning revolved around their biggest disagreement, the argument of who is truly pro-life. Pensler says, his stance switched when his son was born 20 years ago.

“It changed my whole way of looking at life,” said Pensler, “and at that point my view on choice and pro-life changed.”

It’s a declaration candidate James repeatedly said was a lie — even presenting paperwork and proclaiming his endorsements from state and national pro-life groups.

“This is Trump’s letter from Michigan Right to Life, this is my letter from Michigan Right to Life. You have no letter,” said James, “because you have spoken to all of these people and they don’t believe you.”

The heart of the debate provided each other’s feelings about certain topics connecting Michigan.

*Both would trade votes if elected to the senate, it if moved Michigan forward

*Both said no to abolishing unions

*Both agreed nobody should be fired for their sexual orientation

*Both would vote no on legalizing recreational marijuana

Once the rapid-fire question and answer section ended, the disagreements started up again. This time, who truly supports President Trump.

“We have footage (of you) about how our president talks at a fourth-grade level,” James told Pensler. “About how he doesn’t have as much money as he thinks he does and deriding the president behind closed doors. That’s not someone who supports our president.”

Pensler countered, saying James is only trying to play games.

“Him taking it out of context,” said Pensler, “is exactly the type of gotcha politics and fake news that we see on the left and we are seeing now with Mr. James.”

Despite the fighting about who supports President Trump the most, both admit they didn’t back him initially as the GOP presidential candidate. Pensler first supported Marco Rubio and James voted for Ted Cruz.

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