Gov. Snyder speaks with Consumers Energy about outages


Four days later, and nearly several thousand Consumers Energy customers in Michigan are still waiting for their lights to come back on.

After the damage from Wednesday’s wind storm knocked down power lines across the state, Jackson County was among one of those hit the hardest.

“The concern now is with the temperature getting this much colder, that we don’t want to see anybody get caught in conditions that are dangerous for them,” says Governor Rick Snyder.

Governor Snyder met with officials from Consumers Energy to get an update on the extent of the wind damage and what steps the utility is taking to solve the problem.

“People are concerned about getting the power back on if we can reassure them how hard they’re working diligently to get ahead to get power back on as quickly as possible, hopefully that gives us all a great sense of how michiganders help one another during crisis times and challenge times,” says Governor Snyder.

Consumer’s says crews are working both night and day to get the lights back on for thousands of people.

“We’ve made good progress and we’ve got a good plan here for the next 24 to 48 hours,” says Senior Vice President of Distribution and Customer Operations, Garrick Rochow.

Rochow says, 350-thousand Michigan residents lost power as a result of the storm, ranking this wind storm in the top 20 worst Consumers has ever seen.

“It’s number 16, so there’s a lot of effort when you’re in a top 20 storm with resources,” says Rochow.

He says, the utility is nearly 90% finished, and Consumers is on track for the hardest hit areas to be restored by tomorrow.

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