LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On Tuesday night, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and challenger Tudor Dixon will face off one last time ahead of the November election.

The clash at Oakland University is the candidates’ final chance to make their case in front of the whole state and convince undecided voters.

It’s been two weeks since both candidates first met on stage in grand rapids.

With another two weeks to go before election day, an expert from the University of Michigan says we can expect a hard-fought debate after candidates had time to adjust and get familiar with their opponents.

Aaron Kall is the director of debate at the University of Michigan. He says both Whitmer and Dixon performed well back then. He credited Dixon’s media background and Whitmer’s preparation.

The debate comes just a day after a new poll commissioned by the Michigan Association of broadcasters and the white law firm was released.

The survey of almost 1,500 people showed Whitmer leading with 49%, with 44% of likely voters supporting Dixon.

Around 3% of people who responded said they would rather vote third party, another 3% of likely voters said they’re undecided.

Kall says those results could ignite a hotter debate.

“We saw a poll a few weeks ago that had it in double digits. Since then we’ve seen a wide verity of polls. Some have it as a tie within the margin of error, compared to the one you mentioned. Also, there was a CNN poll that had it closer by five or six points. So it’s no question, it’s a tight race. In a race that will likely be decided by a few points, it doesn’t take much to really move that needle. It shows the importance of this final one-hour debate,” said Kall.

Kall says that lead could shift not just because of the debate but how candidates react in the following days.

That poll had a margin of error of 2.57%

Election day is two weeks away.