Governor Snyder makes thousands of e-mails public


LANSING, MI (WLNS) –  A massive e-mail release from the Governor’s office this morning encompass communications on Flint’s water from several key Michigan offices including the department of environmental quality.

Today, Governor Snyder released thousands of e-mails  with his correspondence between the DEQ, The Department of Health and Human Services, among other departments.  The vast amount of e-mails, which if you print every e-mail out would represent four and half boxes of industrial size printer paper.

On a cold, windy day Governor Snyder released a blizzard of e-mails.  Ranging from multiple official government departments, he pulled back the curtain.

Progress Michigan Deputy Communications Director Sam Inglot said, “there’s more and more damning revelations about how his administration has handled the crisis and frankly it’s easy to see why he’s hiding behind his FOIA exemption.  Just because it seems like every time the public gets a glimpse as to how his administration has handled this, we just find more and more examples of how they have bungled the whole situation.

More than 21,000 e-mails were dumped on the public today including some dating back to January 2015 where Flint residents reached out to President Obama over the quality of drinking water.

“There were a lot of warning signs, a lot of red flags, and really warnings that were going off.  And the administration has really seem to kind of tiptoe around the issue and until it was too late,” said Inglot.

It’s a problem some residents think can’t be undone.

Michigan resident Karen Weager said, “this incredible wrongdoing of humanity has just completely blown any trust I would have of him and his administration at this point.

With more evidence coming out seemingly every day, is there anything more Governor Snyder can do to turn the ship around?

Inglot continued, “this is another perfect example of why the Governor just needs to drop his FOIA exemption and not just for him but we need to do what his senior staff and his counsel and advisers were receiving as well.”

“I would love to see him recalled and would love to see justice happen for the people in Flint,” said Weager.

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