GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WLNS) — At Mitten Misfits, behind every stall there’s a story.

“We took him because he was blind,” said owner of the farm, Victoria Worthy.

Some of these farm animals have been abandoned or their previous owners surrendered them. Others experienced animal cruelty.

“This scar on his nose is because his original owner let his halter grow into his face,” Worthy said.

But at Mitten Misfits, no matter the age or health issues, all these farm animals are cared for.

“Joe’s got a lot of leg issues. Dakota’s got arthritis. Most of our horses are on medications,” Worthy said.

Worthy is the woman behind the farm. She said she’s always had a love for animals and fostered hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals.

But she never knew she’d have an animal sanctuary. It wasn’t until she was asked to take a couple of goats and the rest was history.

“8 horses and 1 donkey. We have 3 pot belly pigs, 2 chickens, a rooster and a peacock. 3 goats and then we have 5 barn cats,” Worthy said.

Worthy said she now can’t imagine her life without this.

“If you have a bad day, it’s like they sense it and they just reach out even more,” Worthy said.

She’s built a family here at Mitten Misfits. A family Worthy said will surely keep growing as the years go on.

“These guys give so much and everybody that walks through this barn releases. They’re just so loving. We just want them to live out a gentle free life,” Worthy said.

Mitten Misfits is always looking for volunteers, and Worthy encourages people to come down and show these farm animals some love.