Grant awarded to local fire department to help make residents feel safer


MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – Homeowners in Meridian Township will soon feel a lot safer thanks to a grant awarded to the local fire department.

$66,000…that’s how much the Meridian Township Fire Department received from the Department of Homeland Security’s Firefighter Grant program.

The grant will allow the Meridian Township Fire Department to buy and install carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms in homes in the area which is an initiative the township’s fire inspector says will save lives.

“What’s great about these is that we’ve actually got the combination units so it’s one device that covers both smoke and carbon monoxide,” said Tavis Millerov; Meridian Township Fire Inspector.

For the past three years, Millerov has been Meridian Township’s fire inspector and he says the grant awarded by FEMA is part of an upcoming program at the fire department that’s been in the works for quite some time.

“What the program is going to do is we’re going to go around and we are going to install 1250 of these combination smoke alarm carbon monoxide alarms throughout the next year for the next two years,” Millerov stated.

Millerov says once the program kicks off, the fire department will start to install these alarms in homes with children 14 and younger.

“Then eventually we will expand that to the next greatest population risk which is going to be the elderly,” said Millerov.

The alarms come after the township’s police department dealt with a carbon monoxide leak in their vehicles a couple months back.

This serves as a reminder to take precautions especially with people starting to heat their homes this season, according to Olivet Fire Department Lieutenant Michael Mcleieer.

“Have a licensed contractor come out and test and make sure that furnace is in working order and make sure that it is not a hazard because sometimes heating appliances can actually produce carbon monoxide poisoning,” said McLeieer.

A situation the Meridian Township Fire Department hopes to avoid thanks to this grant.

“The overall goal of any fire department out there is to make sure that everybody in their community is safe,” Millerov stated.

The Meridian Township Fire Department says they hope to kick off the new program in October during fire safety and prevention month.

Millerov says the fire department will work with schools to help spread the word.

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