GRASS LAKE, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s a trip back in time.

“You have to get a feel for that. And this gives you an idea of what that was like,” said Manager at the Lost Railway Museum in Grass Lake, Tom Nolte.

It’s part of a project designed to bring the area’s longstanding train history to life.

“While the line may be covered by AMTRAK now only there used to be four tracks out here that ran to Jackson, so this became one of the biggest freight hubs in the state of Michigan,” said Nolte.

Years of work have gone into restoring trains like these. It’s become a passion project for Kenneth Soderbeck

“It’s interesting. I love history. I love mechanical things and old mechanical things. I spent 50 years restoring old antique fire engines, so this was just a normal thing for me to slip into is restoring old railway cars,” said Soderbeck.

It’s work that also includes a 14-mile virtual ride back in time from Jackson to Grass Lake. They both hope the museum shows younger generations what’s lost in time is still a big part of this communities history.

“The younger generation I just want them to learn that mass transit did exist a long time ago even in this area and keep an eye out because it’s possible that it could come back as everything seems to be flowing towards electricity,” said Nolte.

The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.