(WLNS) – The Great Lakes are natural wonders and a big part of Michigan’s identity.

People flock to the beaches to enjoy the water.

But that attraction also includes danger.

According to the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project there have been 68 drownings in the Great Lakes this summer.

In August Lake Michigan had 8 drownings and Lake Superior had 5 drownings.

“Please be safe on the Great Lakes this holiday weekend,” said Dave Benjamin, GLSRP executive director. “There are always hazards around any body of water.”

Since 2010 605 people have drowned in the five Great Lakes.

Always be aware of water conditions and never swim alone.

It’s not unusual to have dangerous rip tides and strong currents in the lakes.

If you are swimming and get caught in a rip tide or current don’t fight it.

Relax and float with the current.

When you feel it lessen you can swim out of it and head for shore.

You might have floated hundreds of yards away from where you started but you can walk back, safe and sound.ONLINE:WATER SAFETY REMINDERS