LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)- Family Physicians are urging the state to allow them to distribute Covid-19 vaccines to their patients because they believe it will help more people vaccinated.

Many people have been with the same physician, for years – and doctors say this is the main reason why people could be comfortable getting the vaccine because its from a familiar face.

Dr. Pamela Rockwell is a family medicine doctor.
She says throughout the pandemic she has dealt with many Covid patients and wants to do more in effort to end this pandemic and that’s by being able to administer vaccinations.

“Now with the new J&J vaccine the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that does not require this deep freeze I strongly encourage the state to roll out these vaccines allocated our colleges in primary care; especially those in smaller rural communities, the trust in their family physicians is so high that they will follow the advice, so we can end this pandemic,” says Dr. Rockwell.

Primary care workers say the want to be able to get vaccines once there’s enough
and say in a few weeks — when the 16+ population is allowed to get vaccinated — will be a perfect time.