LANSING TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — A large group of young people created some serious chaos at NCG Cinema in Lansing Township Saturday night.

Around 8:15 p.m. Lansing Township police got sent to the theater on the 2500 block of Showtime Dr. for a ‘large group of juveniles refusing to leave the theater.’

Theater management told police the group was hanging out inside, running from theater to theater, throwing popcorn, and breaking things.

Three Lansing Township police officers were sent to the theater to try and remove the group. However, the officers said they were quickly overwhelmed by the size of the group and were ‘unable to restore order.’

While all of this was happening, officials said a large fight broke out amongst the group in the lobby of the theater.

At that point, Lansing Township police called for backup.

In total, 16 Lansing Police Department officers and two officers from the East Lansing Police Department joined the Lansing Township officers.

Eventually, the group left the theater, but a lot of the same people ended up heading over to the Walmart just down the road.

The group started ‘causing a disturbance’ at the Walmart, police said, but Lansing Township officers and Walmart security were able to handle the situation without any extra help.

Officials said at least two parents showed up at the scene and said their child had been assaulted at the theater but were not hurt.

There were no arrests made during the incident and there were no injuries reported, police said.

“The Lansing Township Police Department thanks the officers from the Lansing Police Department and the officers from the East Lansing Police Department who responded for their assistance in resolving this incident,” said Lansing Township Chief of Police John E. Joseph.