Groups team together to give free haircuts to homeless


People who were getting their haircut today said it’s incredible that just a simple thing like a haircut can brighten someone’s day.

Homeless Angels, His & Hers Beauty Bar and other local hair stylists teamed up to provide free haircuts for the homeless.

Kelly VanGiese is someone who recently received permanent housing after being homeless for three years. She says an event like this is eye opening and she will never take anything for granted again.

“It’s amazing how much a haircut will improve one’s attitude, just a simple haircut, it’s awesome…it amazes me how much I took for granted, how much I used to have, and now it’s like I take nothing for granted, absolutely nothing,” said VanGiese.

This is just one of the events put on by the Homeless Angels this week in honor of National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week.

The President of Homeless Angels says this week they will provide free laundry, free dinner and breakfast and a team walk to seek out more people who are afraid to reach out. He says something like a haircut is essential.

“It’s some of the necessities that people need that could lift their spirits, otherwise might not be able to afford it, and you know they just don’t get the attention that they need, and this really does it. It gives them something else to hold onto,” said Homeless Angels President Timothy Baises.

According to Mr. Baises, they served an average of 100 people today and hopes to see more people come out.

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