Growing number of cats put down after animal control rescue


INGHAM COUNTY, MI (WLNS) – After 124 cats were removed from a Lansing Township home last week, 67 had to be euthanized.

Of the 124, 99 were alive when removed from the home. It’s of those 99 that 67 have been euthanized.

Officials told 6 News they’re having a hard time working on this large-scale animal cruelty case.

“Very, very, heavy heart on that. We just try to do our best to get them help and move on,” said Andy Seltz, director, Ingham County Animal Control.

An emotional journey for Ingham County Animal Control as they euthanize 67 cats of the 99 rescued from a home last week.

“With the owner providing those situations you cant save them all, so the humane thing to do with that level of sickness is euthanize them,” said Seltz.

Many of those cats suffered from respiratory infections ear mites, and bacterial sicknesses.

But with 32 cats still alive, they are looking for a silver lining.

“Hopefully by this Friday we are going to have 10 to 15 adult cats that are going to be available spayed and neutered start of their vaccination process, so we are looking forward to that,” said Seltz.

Circinus, an orange and white Tabby is one of the cats available for adoption over the weekend.

Charges have not yet been issued, but Seltz said he is working on them with the prosecutor.

According to Seltz, estimated cost for removal and care of the cats thus far, is about $10,000.

You can help the Ingham County Animal Shelter and Control by donating food, toys and other supplies. Monetary donations would help fund antibiotics and neutering.

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