Gun bill introduced could change Michigan gun policies


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The carrying of firearms is a controversial topic among many.

Some say it should be banned altogether, while others believe with the proper licensing, a person should be able to open carry.

But, a new gun proposal introduced in the Michigan House is looking to make a few changes to the state’s current law.

Constitutional Carry basically says that without any checks, everybody has the right to carry,” said 24th District State Senator Rick Jones.

Under Michigan law, a person has to have the proper license to open carry.

This bill would eliminate that requirement…a proposal Senator Jones says isn’t necessary.

“I think the system we have in place right now is working…I presume what they’re looking for is the ability to carry without checks, without backgrounds without taking the class…I think that’s probably a mistake,” Senator Jones stated.

23rd District State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. agrees.

He says although he understands a person’s desire for quicker access to a gun, tossing background checks to the curb might not be the best decision.

“We live in a scary place and obviously we’ve seen terrible crimes that have been committed by weapons…now, I’m not saying that we should take guns away I think in all honesty the 2nd amendment is important, but at the same time we need to balance that with proper regulation,” said Senator Hertel.

Even those who work at local gun shops, like Total Firearms say getting the proper training for a CPL license is crucial.

“We get a lot of people that have never shot a gun, never held a gun before in their life…they come in here and take the class and we take them on the range, teach them how to shoot, how to be safe with that gun and if we eliminate that I think they’re going to have more accidents,” said Total Firearms Employee George Hunt.

And only time will tell what the fate of this new bill will be…

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