Gun buyback held in Jackson aims to make community safer place


In some cities, gun violence has become a major problem, and in Jackson, members of a local group are hoping to come up with a solution by getting un-wanted or un-used guns off the streets.

It’s an organization called “Save Our Youth” and today it held it’s 3rd gun buyback event.

Nearly 30 guns were collected during today’s event, organizers say most of them were hand-guns.

Those who participated got a $50 gift card to Wal-Mart for each gun they handed over.

It’s an event that officials say has proven to be successful while keeping the community safe at the same time.

“My mission is to help save the youth, and if we can keep the guns and get the guns away from the youth, that’s awesome,” says Founder of the Save Our Youth program, Thomas Burke.

Keeping the community safe is one thing that Thomas Burke, founder of the Save Our Youth program says is his top priority.

That’s why he helped to organize today’s gun buyback event, giving gun owners in the community a chance to bring in old or un-wanted guns to be collected and melted down by police, no questions asked.

Something that Mayor of Jackson, Bill Jors says, is needed.

“Our crime rates have been quite high historically, and lots of them are centered around incidents with handguns,” says Mayor Jors.

“Just about every night hear about somebody getting shot, that part’s a shame,” says Allen Rose.

Allen Rose says he took advantage of this event to safely get rid of his old shot-gun collecting dust.

He hopes that by disposing of it in a legal way, it will not only earn him some cash, but also keep it out of the hands of a criminal.

“The way it is now, the ones that get the guns are the people who shouldn’t have them, and this is one of the ways that you prevent that, is by getting them off the streets,” says Rose.

A total of 29 guns were collected during today’s buyback event, and included anything from shot-guns to hand-guns.

Mayor Jors says this year’s event will help continue the city’s effort in making the community a safer place.

“Anytime we can take the instrument of crime out of existence, I think it’s a good thing for Jackson,” says Jors.

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