Gun instructor says more young people are getting gun licenses in Lansing


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — 16 people have died by homicide in Lansing this year alone, and most of those deaths involved guns.

Mike Lynn Jr. is a gun instructor in Lansing. He said more young people are coming to him to get their license to carry. He said that could actually help bring down the gun violence in Lansing.

“When I learned the right way, I have not used a firearm the wrong way since,” Lynn said.

He said gun training teaches people how to properly use a gun.

“They’re infatuated with firearms… it’s in the culture today. If they’re infatuated with them and they’re picking them up, then let’s teach them how to do it safely,” Lynn said.

Lynn said its important to help young people realize what a gun should legally be used for.

“You’ve got young people who are carrying firearms to keep themselves safe, because they’re concerned about the neighborhood,” Lynn said.

Sheri Pruitt supports young people getting their concealed pistol license.

“They know the consequences after they take the class,” Pruitt said.

She cares deeply about this issue, because she lost someone to gun violence.

“He was in the house getting ready for bed and one fatal shot rang out and he was hit,” Pruitt said.

Sheri’s son was shot and killed 7 years ago. She said no arrests have been made. Every time Sheri hears about another homicide, it hits close to home.

“Your son is my son,” Pruitt said.

Sheri and Mike have known each other for over a year. They say they’ll continue to focus on helping the young people in their neighborhood.

“If we stay in the game as a community and love on our kids and do the things that we need to do, we can see a dramatic change and shift in this,” Lynn said.

The latest data shows that about one million Michiganders have a CPL license. Just last year, more than 150,000 were issued by Michigan State Police.

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