LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) —The DNR is reminding hunters that combining the activity with drugs and alcohol can land you in jail. This comes as three men in Montmorency County now face multiple charges in connection to a hunting trip gone wrong.

DNR officials say a car with two men stopped next to one of their officers so the driver could talk. Both men were wearing hunter-orange outfits.

During the conversation, the DNR officer said he noticed the passenger trying to put something underneath the seat. When the passenger was asked to step out of the vehicle, a bag of cocaine fell on the street.

As the officer was in the process of dealing with that issue, they say the father of the cocaine-carrying passenger arrived on the scene, and he was drunk.

(Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

It is illegal to possess any firearm while under the influence of alcohol, or while possessing drugs so that gave officers the probable cause they needed to search the vehicle, where the DNR seized six guns and 2 grams of cocaine.

Officials say the men in the first vehicle each face two felony charges, one for possessing cocaine and one for possessing a firearm with illegal drugs and the driver of the second vehicle faces two misdemeanor charges, operating while intoxicated and possessing a firearm while intoxicated.

The three men were booked into Alpena County Jail, and their arraignment is pending.