LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – If you are experiencing long-term effects from Covid-19 you are not alone. New research from the Office of National Statistics shows people suffering for three or more months after getting the virus is up more than 15% from the previous year.

For one woman from Haslett, her journey with Covid-19 has been a real challenge.

“It’s hard to breathe and talk. Breathe and walk, breathe, and eat,” said Donna Wicke.

Wicke is fighting to recover from Covid-19. It’s a battle that started back in November when she found herself in a hospital bed and on a ventilator.

“I couldn’t move my head. I had no feeling in my right hand. I had to have a feeding tube for a while of course because I couldn’t swallow,” said Wicke.

It’s a journey that’s lasted months. Doctors say one in three people experience some form of long-term Covid-19 effects.

“It’s really fatigue, some shortness of breath, some chest pain, or chest tightness or discomforts and a cough that tends to be persistent,” said Internal Medicine Doctor at Sparrow Hospital, Dr. Michael Zaroukian, MD.

For others like Amy Andrus, it’s been less severe. She got Covid-19 back in December, but today she’s still feeling the effects in her senses.

“I had a pretty mild case, so it was just basically like a cold, but about two days into it, I lost my taste and then I lost my smell and I have yet to get those back,” said Andrus.

Doctors say one major problem is how many different parts of the body the virus affects.

“The more inflammation you have when you first get Covid, you’re more likely to have the imbalance of the immune system that persists for a long time, and how long we don’t know,” said Infectious disease Specialist at Henry Ford Allegiance Healt, Dr. Vivek Kak.

Experts say right now there is no one size fits all treatment plan, no magic pill. For Wicke she’s been going to physical therapy and relying on her support system.

“I have an awesome one between my neighbors and my church family and my regular family.”

It’s helping keep her spirits up.

“My little goal every day is just to accomplish what I can and not get discouraged for what I can’t do.”