Have another bowl! It’s National Cereal Day


(WLNS) – You might not have realized it but today is National Cereal Day, recognized annually on March 7.

The introduction of cereal as breakfast food began in the mid-1800s as a way to improve a diet that, according to the website nationalcerealday.com, was made up largely of alcohol, protein and caffeine.

Michigan has a long history of breakfast cereal innovators with the Kellogg brothers and Charles Post. Battle Creek has earned the reputation as the “Cereal City” where Kelloggs and Post created the foods that changed the breakfast tables around the world. And it is quite an industry. There are 2.7 billion boxes — enough to wrap around the earth thirteen times — of cereal sold every year.

How many people begin their day with cereal? Of the more than 314 million people in the U.S., 49 per cent start their day with a bowl of cereal.

And breakfast cereal can be truly “out of this world”. Astronauts from Apollo 11 boosted their brain power while in space with a cereal breakfast. The cereal was mixed with fruit and pressed into cubes since the lack of gravity kept the astronauts from pouring it into a bowl with milk.

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