LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The last day for people in Michigan to file their taxes without an extension is quickly approaching.

The deadline is April 18, or October 16 if an extension has been filed. Taxpayers must have their tax return submitted electronically or postmarked by midnight.

The Michigan Department of Treasury said it recommends people file their taxes electronically, because it is faster and more convenient.

Debra Allerding, a tax preparer at Mid Michigan Tax and Accounting, said people should also know that an extension does not stop penalties or interest.

She said this tax season is the busiest she’s ever seen while working in the industry.

“This season is about 30% busier than I’ve ever seen. Remember, like I said, have your driver’s license, social security numbers, kids’ social security numbers. You have to be prepared,” Allerding said.

People who qualify as low-income, have disabilities or are 60 or older may be eligible for free tax preparation help from the IRS.

Taxpayers should remember, anyone can file Form 4868 to extend the the time to file tax returns. However, those who owe taxes should still pay by April 18 in order to avoid late payment penalties.