LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – 6 News has been telling you about the ongoing saga of several apartments here in Lansing.

There was the Autumn Ridge Apartments complex, where not only were some of the units red-tagged and deemed unlivable, the city says the place has not had a valid rental license for years.

Then there’s a building at Holmes Apartments, where residents dealt with trash, bugs, and a roof that was falling apart.

After 6 News covered that story, the city condemned the unit and forced everyone to leave. But when residents arrived at their replacement apartments, they found them pink-tagged and they were forced to leave again.

After 6 News began to show some of the conditions, outrage spread from residents of those apartments to members of the Lansing City Council.

Scott Sanford, the manager of the city’s Code Enforcement Office, submitted his notice of retirement in February.

His last day was Friday. It marked the end of a 23-year-long career with the City of Lansing.

We weren’t given a reason for his retirement, but over the weekend someone posted on Facebook that code enforcement seemed to be red-tagging buildings with a sense of urgency.

Then, Lansing City Councilmember Adam Hussain commented: “One of the biggest issues was we had to get rid of a few folks at the top to allow for meaningful change. Those individuals are gone and meaningful change is coming.”

“I think we have spent years of inaction on this issue and that’s how we ended up with last count 706 red-tagged homes,” said city councilmember Ryan Kost.

“The city has to look at this as a crisis and I hope the administration sees this as a crisis. My conversations with the acting EDP director Friday when we were at the inspection of this property… I have no doubt in mind that she sees this as a crisis and she’s not playing around. In my conversations with other city council members, none of us are playing this game anymore,” Kost said.

The city spokesperson says that they still haven’t appointed a replacement for the position at code enforcement but until then Walter Allen will serve as interim manager.