LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Officials with the Lansing Board of Water and Light said they’ve dealt with scams in the past. But this time around, they received multiple reports of imposters knocking on doors, claiming to be with the BWL, trying to sell solar panels.

General Manager of the BWL Dick Peffley said the utility is no stranger to scams, but he said they’re not as familiar with situations like these.

“It’s more so than you would think, it’s generally over the phone,” Peffley said. “It’s very rare that somebody uses a Board of Water and Light vest and a false ID to go to a customer’s house. That’s very rare.”

It’s especially rare when the scammer is trying to sell something that the BWL isn’t affiliated with. The General Manager said the utility has no affiliation with any solar company.

Peffley said they’ve received a few reports about the situation and are encouraging consumers to watch out for a similar incident.

“They’ll have a BWL vest on, so, it’s kind of hard to tell when somebody’s taken a vest or reproduced one,” he said. “And they’ll have a Board of Water and Light ID. These imitations were very good.”

And while they aren’t sure exactly how these imposters were able to get or replicate the gear and badges, he said an investigation is underway.

“Our legal and security departments are investigating this right now,” Peffley said. “But these companies do not have any affiliation with the Board of Water and Light.”

In the meantime, customers should never give money or personal information to anyone knocking on doors claiming to be with the BWL.

“If you have any concerns that the individual at your door or on the phone is a Board of Water and Light employee, reach out to us, call us, we will confirm that identity for you,” Peffley said.

Officials with the company also say that anyone who is interested in investing in solar panels for your home or business, you should contact the BWL first.