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Health experts weigh in on Covid-19 cases rising in Jackson


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—-Covid-19 cases are on the rise. That’s the message from health care experts in Jackson.

“People talk about you know sort of the height of the pandemic, for Jackson County that’s actually happening right now. We are getting more cases now than we did in the spring,” said Vice President for Population Health at Henry Ford Health Systems, Dr. Courtland Keteyian.

The Jackson County Health Department says, they’ve seen case numbers increase every day this week.

“Cases have been consistently increasing probably by 15, or 20 on an average per day. We had one big uptick for about 40 in one day,” said Health Officer for the Jackson County Health Department, Rashmi Travis.

That’s the largest single day increase since the pandemic started.

“We’re seeing community spreading occurring. We’re not able to pinpoint it to any specific location, or any sort of event going on necessarily, but just the fact that community spread is continuing to occur overall,” said Travis.

Courtland Keteyian helped get testing up-and-running in Jackson. Now, he’s concerned people are not taking the virus serious.

“My concern is that people have really relaxed on the precautions, and so we were much better at this actually back in March, April, May,” said Dr. Keteyian.

That means continued mask wearing, and hand washing. Experts say, one thing that’s surprised them in recent outbreaks has to do with Covid-19 symptoms.

“People will develop symptoms, and say oh it’s nothing, and they will continue on their daily lives for you know a week, and it was really Covid,” said Dr. Keteyian.

That’s why doctors are asking people if they do develop any symptoms to reach out their health care provider to help slow community spread.

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