Health officials list issues at condemned mobile home park


Several families in a Jackson mobile home park will be forced to leave on March 13th because of unfit and dangerous living conditions.

It’s an issues that started more than a year ago, according to the Jackson County Health Department. One official with the department also says it boils down to bad management at the Fisher Mobile Home Park.

Don Hayduk, Division Director for Environmental Health, says he knows condemning the property isn’t convenient for the residents, but he believes safety has to come first.

“I like it here, and…I don’t want to move,” says Ginger, a current resident at the mobile home park. “I hate change.”

But that’s exactly what the remaining families at the park will have to do in less than 10 days. The park was condemned by the Health Department for several reasons going back more than a year. Hayduk says absent management is the biggest cause.

“There is no onsite management and hasn’t been for quite some time,” Hayduk says. “They don’t have a certified water operator, as per Michigan requirements, as well as the park is unlicensed at this point.”

The remaining handful of residents say they’ve been trying to fix those problems by repairing parts of the trailers themselves. Hayduk says he feels their frustration after months of taking that initiative.

“It is beyond their capability,” Hayduk says. “And I give them all the credit in the world, the residents. They are trying their best to live there, to create an environment that is acceptable for them. But it’s gotten to the point where it’s not sustainable.”

Different Michigan agencies have tried contacting the property owner, who lives in Canada. But they didn’t have any luck in the months before they condemned the property. Hayduk says the health department has assigned a case worker to the Fisher development case to help those families find new places to live once time runs out.

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