Antibody blood tests for COVID-19 now available


Dr. Gabrielle Beger, left, prepares to take a nose-swab sample from Lawrence McGee as she works with a team of University of Washington medical providers conducting testing for the new coronavirus at Queen Anne Healthcare, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Seattle. Sending “drop teams” from University of Washington Medicine to conduct universal testing at skilled nursing facilities in collaboration with public health officials is one aspect of the region’s approach to controlling the spread of the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

It’s a test that can help save lives and now, they’re being done across Mid-Michigan.

7 different Lansing Urgnet Care’s across Mid-Michigan are conducting anti-body blood tests.
This the first urgent care facility in the area to offer this testing.

A Physician’s Assistant here tells us the testing is done just as if you were getting blood work.

A lot of people have anxiety about the virus and getting a test like this done can help ease some of that.

“Antibodies let us know we have some immunity to a virus. We don’t know yet what that means for COVID-19 because it is such a new virus. Some viruses once you’re exposed you can’t get infected again. Some viruses like influenza you can still get the flu every year and some viruses, once you have antibodies your reaction to being exposed in the future is less.” Said Jill Gomoll, Physician Assistant.

This test also is helping get a better understanding of the spread of the virus, this is especially important because some people don’t show symptoms at all.

Results for the anti-bodies test usually take between 2-4 days.

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