Attorney General and State Lawmakers call for respect of Asian Americans


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel addresses the media during a news conference, Thursday, March 5, 2020, in Lansing, Mich. She said any investigation into alleged sexual assaults committed by the late Dr. Robert Anderson would require full cooperation by the University of Michigan and an appropriation by the Legislature to cover costs. (AP Photo/David Eggert)

Attorney General Dana Nessel and State Lawmakers are reminding Michiganders, that they will not tolerate any discrimination against the Asian American community, during the coronavirus pandemic.

State Senator Stephanie Chang is from the Detroit area.

She says, “A virus is a virus and does not have an ethnicity.”

And Asian American;s throughout the country have been blamed and targeted during the outbreak.

She says President Trump referring to the coronavirus as the Chinese Virus is only making things worse.

She wants people to remember, they should be fighting as pandemic and not each other.

“We want to make sure everyone is feeling safe and healthy. We have enough to deal with the coronavirus pandemic that we don’t need to be layering on hate crimes and harassment on top of it.” Said State Senator, Stephanie Chang. (D) District 1.

If you are a victim of a hate crime or have credible information about a hate crime, please contact the Department of Attorney General at or call 313-456-0200.

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