City of Lansing collecting homemade face masks


First responders and health officials are on the front lines, fighting the virus.

Many of them are doing it, without the right supplies.

The city of Lansing is stepping in and now providing drop off locations for homemade masks.

Without supplies like this, it can be hard for first responders to do their job.

The Lansing Fire Department says they are accepting every donation they get, especially n-95 masks.

If you want to donate a home-made mask, there are some qualifications to meet.

They are asking for tightly woven cotton, with a barrier between.

The Chief says he never thought something like this would happen and they appreciate all the help they can get.

“There is a extreme shortage and as the number increases we are going through the mask at a pretty alarming rate. Homemade mask are certainly not a replacement for N-95, but in a extreme pinch or others that are in less risky locations, they may be useful.” said William Engelter, Chief of Emergency Management for Lansing Fire Department.

The chief says they will be collecting face masks.. until they are no longer needed.

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