Former FDA commissioner expects virus variant to be dominant in the U.S.


FACE THE NATION (CBS) — Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who sits on the board of Pfizer and Illumnia, which is a company that is working on sequencing the virus variants.

He sat down with CBS’s Margaret Brennan on ‘Face The Nation’.

Dr. Gottlieb spoke about the new variants of the coronavirus and he warns that although new infections may begin to decline, the UK variant ‘is going to start to take over.’

“We’re likely to see is infection start to decline. I think we’re seeing it right now. We’re seeing a near-term peak in terms of the number of new daily cases.

Now, unfortunately, deaths and hospitalizations will continue to grow over the next two or three weeks because they’re a lagging indicator.

But we’ll see continued declines probably for about four weeks, maybe five weeks until this new variant starts to take over.” Said Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Former Commissioner of Food and Drugs.

He adds, that the kind of travel restrictions in place could have some impact on reducing other strains from permeating.

“People who think they might be infected or might have been exposed to someone who’s been infected, if they know there’s a surveillance system in place, they’re going to be less likely to get on a plane because they’re not going to get- want to get caught in a quarantine. So, I think it’s going to be more effective as a deterrent than actually catching positive cases as they come in. But it’s something. You know, it’s something that we can do. I just think we need to be honest with ourselves that these strains are here right now, and we need to start taking action.” Dr. Gottlieb added.

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