Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) On Tuesday, Michigan’s legislature was in session for the first time in three weeks, and things looked a lot different since they last met.

Like any other business still open in Ingham County, changes start at the door. Everyone who enters the State Capitol must answer a list of questions pertaining to their health and exposure to COVID-19. From there, people will need to get their temperatures taken from a medical professional.

To allow for social distancing, the House chambers were virtually empty. Only five State Representatives were allowed in at a time to “check-in”. Afterwards, lawmakers were instructed to go back to their offices and cast a “voice vote”.

The extra safety protocols come as no surprise, with two State Representatives testing positive for the coronavirus and one House member who is suspected to have died from a COVID-19 infection.

Lawmakers who did not feel safe, were urged to stay home and over 30 House members made that choice. Other lawmakers, like Sheryl Kennedy who represents the 48th district, say its only right to do, what they are asking others to do.

“We’re asking nurses and doctors and grocery workers and service people to face the pandemic everyday, this is what I was elected to do, so i’m here taking precautions and um, hope everybody is staying safe and healthy.”