Karl Manke’s Barber and Beauty Shop has been in the Owosso community since 1961 and this week the owner decided to open the doors again, despite state orders to remain closed.

To help limit the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is requiring businesses such as hair, nail, tanning, and spas to remain closed until May 28th.

After being denied twice by unemployment Karl Manke said he had enough.

“The governor decided she was going to go another two weeks, and then another two weeks, and now this last time when she said we weren’t going to come back May 1st, that we were going to be secluded here until the 28th– it brought me to my knees.,” Manke said.

He says dozens of people have come by.

Craig Cummings came in for a haircut today. He says he should be able to make the choice of whether to stay home or not. “Adults should be able to make their own choice. If you’re scared stay home. If you’re not do what you got to do,” he said.

Another customer, Anthony Jelinek said there’s something comforting about being able to get haircut.

“It just feels good to know you can come somewhere get your haircut, be relaxed, and be alongside other people who feel the same way you do,” he said.

Karl says support has come from all over.

“I had a police man stop by this morning and he said.. I thought okay here it is…it’s done. He said I love you and walked out,” Manke said.