Michigan adds 2,000 more COVID-19 cases today


Lansing, Mich. (WLNS/NEXSTAR) — Michigan added 2,291 new cases and 189* deaths due to COVID-19 in the state.

Of the deaths, 117 were identified in a vital records review.

In the most recent update from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, 128,390 doses of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines have been administered within the state, as of this morning.

This report comes just as the state of Michigan recached 500,000 total cases of COVID-19.

As of now, the MDHHS reports that 379,325 doses of the vaccine have been shipped to medical facilities throughout the state.

Among the top three counties that have administered the most vaccines Oakland, Wayne, and Kent counties have administered the most.

  • Oakland County: 18,516
  • Wayne County: 12,501
  • Kent County: 12,321

These three counties have been among the hardest hit by the virus in Michigan making up over 178,000 total cases within the state.

In mid-Michigan both Ingham and Eaton County have administered a total of 3,078 doses of the vaccine

Can you get COVID-19 more than once? Here’s what the evidence reveals

If I’ve already had the coronavirus, can I get it again?

It’s possible, but such cases seem to be rare. Evidence is growing that people whose bodies mounted a strong defense to the virus are unlikely to test positive again for at least several months and maybe longer.

It’s not unusual to develop some immunity to a virus after an infection, since our bodies are generally better at recognizing and fighting off bugs they’ve encountered before. And that seems to be the case with the coronavirus as well, though scientists are still trying to figure out how long any protection might last.

Some reinfections have been confirmed, but two new studies suggest that’s very unusual.

In one, only two out of 1,265 health workers in the United Kingdom who were previously infected ended up testing positive again for the coronavirus in the following six months. In another study of people in the U.S., only 0.3% of people who had been infected tested positive for the virus over the next several months – around the same rate of positivity as the U.K study.

The findings bode well for the COVID-19 vaccines that are being rolled out, which trigger the kind of immune responses that the studies found protective

National Update:

While pitching to Georgia voters on Monday, President-elect Joe Biden said if Democrats won those races, $2,000 stimulus checks would likely be on their way to most Americans.

Tuesday’s showdown in Georgia determines whether Democrats or Republicans have control of the Senate. If Democrats win, they’ll have control of the presidency, House and a split 50-50 Senate. With Kamala Harris in line to cast tie-breaking votes, it’s a clear path to approving their key priorities such as stimulus checks.

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