New York Nurse, Lansing Native dies from coronavirus


A man with ties to Lansing, who had been working on the “front lines” in the fight against the coronavirus, has died.

“He was just the joy, he brought so much joy.” Said Marya Sherron, Sister.

Kious Kelly was an assistant nursing manager at Mount Sinai West in Manhattan.

“His choice was to absolutely help people.”Said Marya Sherron, Sister.

Battling the front lines of the coronavirus at the center of it all.

On March 18th, everything changed.

“He said he was sick..but okay. In the ICU and then I asked him if he had the coronavirus and he said yes.”Said Marya Sherron, Sister.

“He said I can’t talk, I choke when I talk because I can’t breathe. He said I love you, but then there was a dont tell mom and dad, because they worry.He then said he was tired and hes going to sleep for a little.”Said Marya Sherron, Sister.
Kious is the first nurse in New York to die from the coronavirus.
Marya says, Kious was born with a hole in his lung and has always struggled with asthma.

“My mom was told he wouldn’t even live and he did, his lung healed itself.”Said Marya Sherron, Sister.
After defying all the odds for 48 years.
Marya says something like this could have been prevented.

“If they had the appropriate PPE’s, the way it is supposed to be done. Not like 1 or 2 or rationed out.”Said Marya Sherron, Sister.
Now, Marya wants to shed light on what is happening in hospitals.

“We need the materials, we need congress. Someone to step in and guide the hospital administration.”Said Marya Sherron, Sister.
But Kious Kelly will always be remembered.

“He was a leader, he was a champion for his unit, that is his legacy and his legacy lives..”Said Marya Sherron, Sister.

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