Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) If elections are still going on, so should campaigning according to Tom Norton who is running for Congress in the 3rd district.

But recently, his campaign is taking some heat after people in Portland complained about a volunteer going door-to-door asking for signatures.

Alexis Epps has been furloughed because of the coronavirus pandemic, and was surprised when someone came to her door. Epps says she politely declined and closed the door, but was angry when she say him approach her elderly neighbors.

“I watched him walk up to people who were working in their yards and he would stand really really close to them, so it wasn’t even just he was on the porch outside.”

Norton tells 6 News, he received multiple complaints about the volunteer Epps is referring to, and after review, he realized the volunteer was not following protocol.

Norton says all his volunteers are required to use a clipboard that extends about 4 ft, although the Center for Disease and Control is recommending people stay at least 6 ft apart. Norton says he has reprimanded the man shown in the video and told him, if he doesn’t follow protocol he can no longer work for his campaign.

18 other campaigns have reached out to Norton trying to obtain his “quarantine clipboards” according to Norton, who says he is being praised for adapting to campaigning amid the global heath crisis.

In addition to the clipboards, Norton says all volunteers will now be required to wear a mask, gloves, carry hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes to clean supplies between each person.