Skubick: Whitmer reaches out to VP Pence about medical supplies for Michigan


Governor Gretchen Whitmer had a one on one conversation with Vice President Mike Pence today urging him to send more emergency medical supplies to Michigan.

And late this afternoon, the governor talked with 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick on a host of issues, including when your kids might get back to school.

Last week the state Department of Education unilaterally declared that students who are not in the classroom should not get seat time credit for learning via the internet while schools are closed.

If the governor had the power, this is a question which she did not want to answer.

Skubick: “If you could, you would count it as seat time.”

Gov. Whitmer: “ah, hum…talk to me about hypotheticals.”

But when pressed the dismayed governor argues, the department should have done this.

“I was dismayed. announcing a policy without really fully vetting it and not talking with the legislature and the governor and educators to make sure if it is really reflective of what we’re going to do in Michigan, creates a lot of confusion unnecessarily.”

She says she’ll have more to say later on about how to meet the needs of students during this crisis.

The governor talked with the vice president and urged him to accelerate the flow of emergency medical needs in Michigan, including 200,000 swabs.

And she was critical of Mr. Pence’s boss for suggesting that some of the restrictions she has imposed on Michigan residents might be relaxed around Easter.

“And anything that undermines the seriousness of this and the seriousness of the stay at home orders and the other orders we’ve had to initiate and try to save our health care system,” said Whitmer. “That is irresponsible.”

As for following the president’s advice on this issue, the governor is blunt.

“If I’m going to take my health advice from anyone in the federal government it’s going to be Dr. Fauci.”

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