Sparrow Hospital says they are prepared for a COVID-19 surge

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Even though all the COVID-19 tents are gone, Sparrow Hospital officials say this isn’t over.

They say they are prepared if another surge happens.

They are making sure they have plenty of Personal Protective Equipment, Testing Kits, and beds.

“In the event..that we get a large influx of patients we will stand up our instant command center. We will put in place all those other surge plans we had. Plans that were opening up a variety of other things. We will put those back in place, so we’re ready.” Said Alan Vierling, President of Sparrow Hospital.

As of June 25th, 2020, Sparrow Hospital says they are treating less than 10 COVID-19 patients.

Even though the number is low, Vierling says he still has concerns.

“When I go out and see people without a mask on. It really is greatly concerning. that is our best answer to this.” Vierling added.

That is being put to the test, as at least 43 cases as of June 25th have been linked to Harpers restaurant in East Lansing.

Vierling says Michigan State University is taking precautions.

“I’ve seen Michigan states plan..they have a good solid plan for monitoring.” Said Vierling.

Sparrow Hospital says, it is balancing coronavirus patients and with other patients.

“Heart disease didn’t go away, cancer didn’t go away. What we saw the first time around, was people were waiting to come in; because they were scared of getting COVID and they arrived sicker. So it took more resources took longer to get them well. We really want people to come in, we want people to get better.” Vierling added.

Vierling went on to say that the Frandor testing site is doing hundreds of tests a day, with about 600 as of June 25th.

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