Where Michigan stands in the COVID-19 pandemic


Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan has recorded the 5th highest number of cases and 4th highest number of deaths in the country for COVID-19, according to the most recent data released by Michigan Medicine.

Michigan has the 13th highest death rate in the last seven days, moving down three places from last week.

Cases and deaths continue to increase at an exponential pace, according to Michigan Medicine.

Since October 1, the state case rate has increased 590% to the highest rates to date.

Michigan’s case rate is 673.2 cases per million people, which is a 160.3% increase from last week.

The percentage of tests coming back positive is 13.5%, which is up by 1.0% from the previous week.

Cases and deaths are rising in all age groups, races, and ethnicities.

COVID-19 and Michigan Hospitals

Michigan has the 7th highest hospitalization rate as a percent of total beds and 6th highest number of COVID patients in the ICU and hospitalizations and ICU utilization are increasing at a slower pace now.

Data show that five of eight regions are over 30% of Adult ICU beds occupied with COVID+ patients.

More than 17.5% of available inpatient beds are filled with COVID patients and state trends for hospitalizations for COVID continue to increase for the previous 6 weeks.

Since September, COVID-19-like illness has gone from less than 2% to more than 7% of the emergency department visits. Over the last week, COVID-19-like illness has remained steady

Coronavirus-like illnesses are all increasing for more than eight weeks in the Great Lakes State.


There were 415 deaths, up by 117 individual deaths during the week of Nov 8-Nov 14 and the state death rate is 6.4 deaths/million/day.

Still, in the last 30 days, 80+ year-olds have been dying at almost twice the rate of the next highest age group, 70 to 79-year-olds.


State health officials reported an average of 60,500 coronavirus tests conducted per day over the last week and the state rate is 6,619.7 tests/million/day.

Testing is continuing to increase across the state and positivity increase has slowed down statewide within most but not all regions.

Overall, testing has increased 110% since Oct. 1 whereas positivity increased 320%.

Disease trends across the country:

Currently, 46 states are seeing increases in two-week case trends, which is down from 50 last week — 46 states are also experiencing significant outbreaks, which is up from 43 states last week.

Case positivity is increasing with high hospitalizations over the past two weeks with more than 100 patients hospitalized per million in these 46 states.
South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Illinois, Indiana have highest per capita
hospitalized patient numbers

The states seeing the most rapid two-week case growth: Vermont, Louisiana, New Mexico, New Hampshire and Arizona

In the Midwest, Wisconsin is showing flat/slight decline in hospitalizations at 340 cases per million with cases flattening at 1100 per million.
Indiana is now in the top 5 in hospitalized per capita with (467 cases/million), cases >900/M – far exceeded spring peak
Illinois remains in top 5 in hospitalized per capita (479/M), cases >930/M – exceeded spring peak

Ohio has growing hospitalizations (358/M), cases >650/M – far above spring levels

And Michigan is seeing lower growth in hospitalizations (360/M), cases >700/M – approaching spring peak

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